“I wouldn’t do a restaurant without Cutting Edge. They always deliver on time.”

--- Pat Woodring, Nova Restaurant Group, Eden Prairie

No business wants a construction project to drag on.

Cutting Edge stays on schedule by

  • Starting on time and honoring our commitment
    to finish by a certain date.
  • Eliminating extra work by getting it right
    to begin with.
  • Using reliable subcontractors with the same work
    ethic. We’ve been working with some of our
    subcontractors for 20 years.

Our experience is your edge

Since 1985, Cutting Edge has completed hundreds of restaurant and bar projects and a variety of projects for retailers, service firms, and non-profit organizations in the Minnesota area.

This experience helps us avoid delays by anticipating many issues. We know the codes and regulations, what local permitting authorities will allow, and what health inspectors will be looking for.

Because our very competitive estimates reflect these efficiencies, they translate into lower costs for you.

You stay informed and get quick
answers to your questions

Our President, Pete Anastasia, is hands on! He knows the situation first hand, can make decisions on the spot, gets in touch with you immediately when your input is needed, and answers your questions without having to consult someone further up the line.

Helping you stay in
operation during construction

Bar & restaurant owners, retailers, and service companies usually want to stay open for business while construction is underway.

We enclose our work areas and schedule carefully for minimal interference with your operations.

Completing projects under
extreme time constraints

For one client, Cutting Edge took only five days to demolish a bar, build a new one, tile the new bar and dining area floor, and install new ceilings and HVAC. The rest of the establishment remained fully functional during the remodel.

“The job turned out perfectly,” said Red Rooster owner, Dave Lundberg. “Pete’s meticulous.”

“Pete’s a perfectionist. During one of our four remodels with Cutting Edge, the sheet-rocker was off by a small amount. Pete didn’t like it. He tore the whole wall down and redid it himself.”

--- Tom Emer, owner of Lord Fletcher's restaurant