About Cutting Edge Construction

Our company was established in 1985 in Long Lake Minnesota by Mike Anastasia, who was joined in 1991 by his brother Pete.

Early on, Cutting Edge shifted from residential to commercial construction, focusing on food service remodelling. We have also completed many projects for retail and service businesses, ranging from show floors to fitness centers and day care facilities. We have completed ground-up construction and renovations for churches, professional firms, and commercial landlords—with a number of projects involving historical buildings and renovations in historical districts.

After Mike Anastasia passed in 2012, Pete carried on the family business, taking over as President.

Before joining Cutting Edge, Pete attended MSU for construction management and during that period interned for S.J. Groves and Sons.  At a very young age he gained experience as a labourer, surveyor, and carpenter. Pete also worked for six years on major construction projects on the east coast, beginning in the union trades and later managing other contractors as a supervisor. In his early twenties he was running multimillion dollar projects.

You will still occasionally see our President perform labour or carpentry on different projects as it keeps him focused and personally involved.

In addition to choosing the right subcontractors, we strive to keep within budget by minimizing subcontractor overtime, staying up-to-date on cost-effective but proven materials, and anticipating problems before they arise.

Dealing with the unexpected

Cutting Edge’s years of experience greatly reduce the number of surprises that occur during our projects. But when they do arise, we take a can-do approach.

“If a problem comes up, Cutting Edges solves it, rather than pointing fingers. I’ve always had a good experience working with him.”

--- Jay Nelson, Architect, Saint Louis Park

“We were renovating a 100-year-old historic building, and it was full of surprises. Pete would help us identify the issues and come up with creative options for dealing with them. We’ve done a number of projects with Cutting Edge, and we keep coming back to them.”

--- --- Tim Caron, Attorney, Excelsior   

At Cutting Edge, we never stop learning from our experience, and we remain committed to getting the job done right, on time, and in budget, with minimal or no disruption to business operations.